22 Best and Unique Father’s day gifts ideas to showcase your love for him.

For the sweat and toil, that often goes unnoticed and is taken for granted; every father deserves a little pampering on Father’s day. To say Thank You for all his efforts, a small token of love never goes out of fashion. Here’s a collection of all the unique father’s day gifts you can give your father and bring a smile to his face! Let him know that he’s special.

1. Father and child customized T-shirts 

What could be better than you both complimenting each other with your clothing! Choose something that instantly distinguishes your father-son/daughter pair among the crowd. Something that you both love to wear every time you go out together! This could be one of the best father’s day gifts.

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2. Bluetooth Speakers- Voice control your music, Make calls, Get news, Weather and more!

For all those music-loving fathers who prefer living up with the latest technologies, this could be one of the most promising father’s day gifts. These speakers offer you with high tech standards and improved lifestyles. They offer you with features which will definitely cheer up the mood of your techy dad!

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3. Personalized Wall Clock

On an average, people look at the wall clock for 20 times a day! Gift him one with your personalized pictures and messages. He’ll contain hearts full of love for you every time he’ll look at it. And your message will also be masked in his mind! This ranks among the top father’s day gifts.

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4. Scroll Cards

Have lots of emotions you can’t put into words? Gift him a scroll card! Let him know you value him and love him but you just fall short of words in front of him.

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5. Photo Frames

Say it with a picture full of happy memories! Select a picture which holds a good happy story that you both share. Such old ways of father’s day gifts never go out of style and never fail to make him realize that he matters!

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6. A Watch

Who would not love to carry your token in his hands all the time? This is one of the most usable father’s day gifts.

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7. Sunglasses

Protect his eyes form the scorching rays of the sun! Or just make him wear them casually. Every man loves to wear a pair which makes him look cooler!

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8. Shaving/Grooming kits

Thinking of a father’s day gift of utmost use to your father? Here’s the thing for you! Show him that you care for him by giving him the stuff he puts to use often.

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9. The Best Dad Trophy

Award him with the ‘BEST DAD’ trophy! Make him feel accomplished. Let him know that his efforts are worth honoring and he truly is a winner in raising his children up in the best possible ways! This is by far one of the most unique present ideas for dad.

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10. Wallet

Almost every man keeps a wallet with himself whenever he goes out. Even if you go cashless, you need a space to keep things like Aadhar card, Credit card, Debit card and other essentials. This can be one of the most useful father’s day gifts and your father will definitely love it!

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11. Personalized electronic gadgets

Gadgets such as USB drives also come with your special messages printed! Gadgets like this are a necessity for modern-day fathers and are put to use every now and then. This gift combines your feeling of gratitude and usefulness of the gift!

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12. Belts

Something that most of the fathers use almost everyday! Belts are a common accessory and any father would love to receive it as a gift any-day!

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13. Handmade Cards

Be creative! Make your gift yourself! Expressing your gratitude by some hand crafted gift is much more valuable than any other materialistic item. Not that you have to make it yourself, you can even buy perfectly hand made father’s day gifts online!

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14. Personalized coffee Mugs

Your father is a coffee lover? Print your messages and pictures on a coffee mug and gift him! He’ll feel good every time he’ll drink something. Your love mixed with the goodness of caffeine will be the most soothing experience for him.

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15. Portable chargers

Thinking of a father’s day present idea which will make the life of your father easy going? Go for portable chargers so that he no longer has to worry about his exhausting mobile battery any more!

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16. Shoes

Its a common known fact that the personality of a person is judged by the shoes that he wears! Groom your father’s personality by gifting him one of the most important clothing! Not only that it will enhance his looks, but he’ll feel wonderful every time he wears them!

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17. Neck Tie, Pocket square and cuff-links set

Complete the formal look of your father. Gratify him with all the essentials for his next formal party. Choose this as your father’s day gift and make him look the perfect gentleman!

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18. Deodorants/Perfumes

Is your father a fragrance freak? Gift him a fragrance which will distinguish him from the crowd and will make him more confident than before!

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19. Docking stand

Help your father organize his table by gifting him this unique all in one docking stand. He’ll not have to search for his essentials every where in the house. Just one place to keep them all.

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20. Journal

For all those fathers out there who love to write, be it their daily schedule, or personal experiences! Gifting him a platform to express his emotions can be a present very close to his heart!

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21. Car mobile holder

Your father has a habit of using his mobile phone while driving? Make it easy and safer for him! Show him that you value his safety. He’ll definitely be grateful to you on every drive!

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22. Writing pen

Help him make the sign that speaks! If your father signs a lot, or even writes; this is the one for you! Gift him a pen that he’ll love using every now and then.

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