Advantages and Disadvantages of burning crackers on diwali!

The most awaited time of the year, an awesome festival is about to be here!

Yes, its nothing else but diwali. The festival of lights, sweets, diyas, decorations and lot more. Streets so illuminated, houses so decorated and all faces so happy. It is the time which all Indians celebrate wholeheartedly.

Yet another important thing involved with the festival to add to its auspiciousness is crackers!

Crackers, the topic which is most conflicting about the festival. Some take it to be a necessity to celebrate and fulfill their joys with crackers while others take it to be a harmful tradition. Confused on how to do it? Here are some points which can let you decide whether to accept the crackers or to avoid them this diwali. Let your dilemma be resolved.

Orange Spark

Burning crackers as a boon!

To glorify the festival, crackers are something which are solely made for the purpose. Here’s a list of advantages of burning crackers-

1. It boosts up the economy-

Crackers is a huge industry which is for over Rs. 1000 crores. It directly employs more than 40,000 people that is it contributes to the livelihood of about 6-7 lakh people. Does this raise a question of child labor in your mind? Get off it! The industry has emerged out to be highly professional and follows all the rules and regulations of employment with the processes and people involved being highly legal and according to the norms. Thus it is contributing in a tremendous way to the economy of the country and in making the livelihood of the below poverty line Indians better than before.

Yellow and Green Hard Hat on Rack

2. It kills mosquitoes-

Yes. Indeed the funniest one but a worth mentioning advantage. Burning crackers produces a lot of heat which can be harmful in other ways but is highly beneficial in a way that it kills mosquitoes and prevents them spreading some very harmful diseases. The immense lights and heating effect is intolerable for the mosquitoes and they die in the process.

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3. Fun like never before-

Diwali is basically so much famous and awaited because of the crackers, Kids and people wait all year long  for just this one day to burn crackers and enjoy their heart out. Crackers are a symbol of celebrating the victory of Lord Rama and expressing our happiness.  Illuminations are also the same but seeing a rocket explode into different colors is a joy nothing else gives you. For kids, Diwali is never complete without crackers. They don’t go much into that pooja part. The only way that they celebrate and be joyous is by burning crackers. That is all the meaning of diwali that they know! Let their joys not die.

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4. Only 0.03% of world’s pollution –

All of us have a misconception that crackers and fireworks are a major pollutant to the environment. But that is not the case. They contribute only 0.03% of the world pollution. Just think about it people, what difference will it make if you reduce the world’s pollution to about 0.03% by sacrificing all your major joys and tradition? Is it even significant to be counted as a contribution?

Photo of Fireworks during Nighttime

5. It drives technological developments-

It is a lesser known fact that many of the weapons used by our defense forces are manufactured by Indian fireworks industries. Also, it is only because of the crackers that we were able to design missiles and rockets that can conquer the space today. Crackers are also a major reason for many present day ammunition and arms. Also, making of a less polluting cracker is a challenge on which many scientists are working presently. Crackers are giving them reasons to develop more Eco friendly devices and mechanisms thereby helping them develop by giving them an eminent problem statement to work upon!

Heart-shaped Fireworks

Burning crackers as a bane!

1. Air pollution-

The most significant demerit of fireworks is the pollution that it causes in the area where it is done excessively. Also, the crackers emit carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas thereby alarming the global warming effects. During diwali, the amount of air pollution increases up to 50% as compared to normal days which is indeed a considerable situation as it can cause many heart and lung diseases. Also, the people already suffering form these diseases are highly disturbed!

Gray and White Clouds

2. Garbage-

The garbage of the crackers which is left over after the enjoyment is a major problem to be considered. The left overs are chemical wastes lying on roads, gardens and parks. These chemical wastes can do a lot more damage than we can even imagine. If accidentally inhaled, can even cause death.

Also, the biggest problem is that the waste is usually non-biodegradable. These materials do not decay or rot, even if they do, they take millions of years to do so, thereby harming the soil in numerous ways.The damage they cause to soil can also be permanent and make it completely infertile if the chemicals react with those present in the soil.

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3. Smog-

The air we breathe no longer remains pure. Diwali crackers are a major cause for the smog suspended in the atmosphere. There is low visibility which can be a cause for many major road accidents. Also, the smog effects the respiratory system so badly that it can take lives very easily. India is a country highly affected by global warming, in such a situation smog only makes the atmosphere worse.

Aerial View Of City

4. Noise pollution-

Not only do the crackers pollute the air, but they are a major cause of noise pollution as well. To show off, people usually choose the crackers that are the loudest and explode like a volcano! Nobody understands that this can be a very serious threat to people’s health and the environment. Sounds that the crackers make is almost above the hearing range of a human ear. This does not only can cause hearing related diseases but can also cause permanent hearing disability. Not only the humans, even animals suffer a lot because of the amount of noise!

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5. Injuries-

As much fun as crackers are, they are a lot more dangerous. Just one wrong move can take the life of many people. Crackers are a major cause of accidents during diwali. Clothing can easily catch fire through crackers and there can be other incidents too. Precautions during fireworks is a must and they should be handled with utmost care. Children especially should burn them under adult supervision only.

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