Diwali decoration ideas! Make your home Diwali ready!

Diwali, the festival of lights is celebrated with great exhilaration and joyfulness throughout the country and also other parts of the world. The festival signifies victory of ‘good’ over ‘evil’ and is the most delightful time of the year. The festival is celebrated for five days during which the whole country is highly illuminated and the citizens overflow with vivacity. Certain rituals such as Ganesh Laxmi puja, burning crackers etc. are followed along with the coming together of all the members of the family.

Apart from cleaning and renovating, people also decorate their places to make it look the most beautiful! Given below are some amazing ideas to decorate your home and make it diwali ready!

1. Traditional diyas

Diwali is basically famous for lights and illuminations. Grab some diyas and lighten up your place to make it look as beautiful as a manor. Diyas can be the most phenomenal way to spread the aura and grandeur of the festival. Arrange them in unique patterns to make them presentable.

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2. Fairy lights

There is nothing more electrifying than fairy lights. The ambiance they create is a different kind of positivism and vibrant which adds colors to the festival. Choose the lights contrasting to the the colors of your walls and rock the festival!

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3. Torans

These are a kind of wall hangings which are auspicious as well as decorative. Enhancing your decorations with their sparkles, they are one of the major attractions for the guests. Torans help you maintain the authenticity of the festival with a glimpse of ethnicity!

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4. Colorful Lanterns

To make your home more gaudy and splashy, you can hang lantern or kandils. You can also take inspiration from Morocco and design some for yourself. Lanterns add a modern touch to your decoration with their prismatic effect.

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5. Coasters

Cutlery  and coasters going with the theme of your decoration can be the perfect eye catcher this season. Grab your guests’ attention by keeping them in your living room and serving in vibrant colors.

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6. Rangoli

The most aesthetic, beautiful and indigenous way to make your house lively. Rangolis are traditional and can be of a variety of designs. You can select one according to the space available in your house and also according to the theme of your decoration. You can also design your own rangoli, the way you like it and make it the most happening one. Rangolis are the most attractive part of the decoration on display and are complimented the most. If you’re in an artistic mood, or lack time, you can also get ready made ones to add to the diwali decorations.

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7. Upholstery change

Get your house a make over by replacing your old upholstery with new and exciting ones. Make them blend with the colors of your decoration and there you have a splendid theme rock your diwali decorations! Bright colors and unique patterns not only makes your house look paradisiac but also gains you tons of compliments.

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8. Paper Lampshades

To reckon to your decorations, select colorful paper lampshades which look both crafty and modern. This will create festive surroundings all around and add to the happiness and celebrations. You can also make paper lampshades at home if you don’t find the suitable available for sale.

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9. Colorful/scented candles

Th festival of lights is obviously incomplete without candles. Candles signify the morale that the festival holds, the triumph of light over darkness or good over evil. Choose unique ones for your home and enlighten the world. Let the message spread through your home that its always the good that wins and shines!

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10. Balloon twine lights

Something that is modern, unique and creative. Balloon twine lights is a trending diwali decoration which does not let you loose your pace with this modern technology driven world and also celebrate the festival in a unique way. The pack can also be reused which makes it an economical diwali decoration.

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11. Ganesh lamp

Diwali is a festival which is made up of rituals and pooja ceremonies. During such an occasion, having your prayer corner with vibrant environs is a must! Grab ganesh laxmi idols, the decorative ones which add to the theme of your diwali decoration and spread the aura of the festival.

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12. Flowers decoration

Marigold is the essence of diwali decoration. Decors are almost incomplete without flowers, The fragrance, the divinity, the providence and the infinite spirit is what makes the festival a happy one! The blowout is always special when you add natural scents to it.

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13. Star lights

Feel like normal is boring? Go for extravagant lights! The starry lights are leading-edge masters in diwali decorations. They not only make the place jovial than before but also are a magnificent replacement to the ordinary ones. Lets spread the semblance through a modernistic approach! You can use them not only to decorate your house, but also your garden, prayer corner and can also use them instead of curtains for a new touch!

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14. Flower LED lights

Keeping the emanation festive as well as stylish, flower LED lights can make your diwali decoration theme set up a bench mark for others! You being all trendy and using all latter-day ideas to establish the festival feels will be a new hot topic in the town! So grab yours  and start fixing them all over the place.

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15. Wall/Door hangings

To grace the beauty of your walls and doors, decorate them with beautiful hangings. They can be used otherwise as well to ornate your homes. They are major attraction to guests’ and provides with an enchanting atmosphere. If chosen thoughtfully, they can be the most beautiful part of your home and make your place a better one to live in! Wall hangings can even make the entire place look renovated.

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