Ever wondered if Raksha Bandhan could be fun? Know how!

Raksha Bandhan, the epitome of eternal love between a brother and a sister. The day is celebrated throughout the country with great enthusiasm as it holds equal importance for the brother-sister pair as well as the family. The brother promises the sister to protect her of all evils and always be by her side in all thick and thins. Apart from the religious rituals, there’s a lot more which you can do with your sister/brother to make your bond stronger and to also make the day count! Here’s a list of activities that you can do to put a smile on your sister/brother’s face and let them know that they’re special!

1. Go the Amusement park
Take him/her to some amusement park and spend an amazing day together. Nothing could more precious than the time you both spend with each other having fun and enjoying to the fullest. Making memories will eventually make your bond stronger and will also make you both feel good and cheerful on the very special raksha bandhan.
2. Cook together

Spend time cooking with each other your favorite dishes. This is both fun and learning. Cooking will not only help you have fun but also to know each other better than before. Choose something that you both love and bring it to the table!

3. Soothing head massage

Give him/her some relief from the daily stress. Give a soothing head massage and show your affection. Anybody would love to relax and get a special treatment like this, especially on the eve of raksha bandhan!

4. Take him/her shopping

And who doesn’t love to shop? Taking your brother/sister to shopping is something that he/she will definitely love. Let him/her choose and you be the sponsor. That amount of happiness is surely heartfelt. Not only will it make you both happier than before but will also help you spend time with each other and develop the bond of love that you share!

5. Watch a movie together

Choose a movie that you both are interested in watching and enjoy it together. Small gestures like this mean a lot amidst these 21st century modern chaotic daily routines. This will get you both have a good time and share a common interest to talk about and strengthen your bond!

6. Do major throwbacks!

Rekindle your childhood. Collect albums and other memories that you both have shared and go through them together! Such memories always hold a very special place in your heart and rekindling them will be an amazing experience in itself! You’ll celebrate not only raksha bandhan but your entire life!

7. Surprise gift for your brother/sister

Get something for your brother/sister as a gift and put that all merry smile on their face!

You can choose any one of the following gifts-

Gifts for Sisters-
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