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It's Doctor's Day!
“When we are in tears, we need a shoulder. When we are in pain, we need medicine. But when we are in tragedy, we need you as you are the hope. Thanks for being there. Happy Doctor’s Day."
"It is Your deed
That makes us feel proud
It’s great to have a doctor in the
family. Wish you a very
Happy Doctor’s Day"
“Not everyone can become a doctor because not every has the knowledge, skill and patience to offer his services selflessly to the patients…. Wishing a very Happy Doctor’s Day to our highly inspiring doctors."
Happy Doctors Day
Happy Doctor's Day!
“On this day I want to send a wish your way May all your days be…as wonderful as You have made… all of mine!
Happy Doctor’s Day!"
A Doctor's Day Quote!
Happy Doctors Day
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"Healing people with your touch
You are a wonderful person as well
Bringing joy and warmth to our hearts
Best wishes to you on
Doctor’s day 2018! "
“Dawn of relief
Happy Doctor’s Day 2018"
National Doctor's Day!
“You are the savior of many, You are being called as God’s hands, Thank you choosing this profession and saving the life of many.
Happy Doctor’s Day 2017."
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Happy Doctors Day!
"Thankyou Doctor for everything
Each hope and every smile
Wish you a Happy Doctors Day
May you get success every mile. "
“You are doing a great job
Suring illness of people
And bringing them
Health and happiness
Wish you more success
On Doctor’s Day"
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Happy National Doctors Day
"You inspire many with your life, the love and care you have towards your patients is something every individual might learn.
Happy Doc’s day "
You Rock Doc!
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A Doctor's tools!
Happy Doctors Day
"Whenever a doctor cannot do good, he must be kept from doing harm. "
“Finish last in your league and
they call you idiot.
Finish last in medical school and they call you doctor "
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It's Doctor's Day And I wanna prescribe you A day full of Smiles!
"You know what they call the fellow who finishes last in his medical school graduating class? They call him 'Doctor.' "
“I'm not a doctor.
I just have a tremendous amount of common sense. "
"You may not be able to read a doctor's handwriting and prescription, but you'll notice his bills are neatly typewritten. "
“My dear doctor, I am surprised to hear you say that I am coughing very badly, as I have been practising all night. "
Happy Doctor's Day
A Doctor or What?
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