How to celebrate teachers’ day online? Happy teachers’ day during COVID!

Happy teachers’ day! The world is shut but learning is not! Even during a pandemic our teachers have toiled day and night to impart us knowledge. They have gone out of their ways to make sure that our studies do not suffer because of the on-going epidemic. They have set examples to the world and proved that nothing is impossible if there’s a will to learn and a will to make children learn. From taking classes from home to being available for their students 24×7, teachers have been the biggest support throughout.

On September 5, as the world still remains to be hit by the pandemic and schools or colleges have not yet re-opened and we’ve been advised to practice social distancing, we have to come up with alternative ways to celebrate teachers’ day and express our gratitude and appreciate our teachers for all the efforts that they’ve been putting in working round the clock.

From virtual celebrations to decorations, given below is a compiled list of ways to celebrate teachers’ day while following all the protocols of social distancing.

A letter of gratitude for teachers’ day

Make your child write a letter to his/her teacher expressing your thankfulness and gratitude for making the learning continue remotely even during such hard times. Make sure you tell the teacher how grateful you are for having them in your life and for all that they’ve been doing to make your child a better and learned person. This will be a really sweet gesture and will definitely bring a smile to the teachers face on this teachers’ day.

Send goodies online

Put together a bag or a box of goodies and stuff and send it your teacher via courier services or online shopping websites. You can include a variety of things ranging from chocolates to stuff that can be used by the teacher during online or offline classes. But before doing this, make sure your teacher is comfortable in receiving in gifts. If not, go for some other virtual celebration idea from the list to make your teachers’ day celebration worth remembering.

Make your teacher’s sketch

This can be an excellent way to express your gratitude on this teachers’ day. If you’re good at making sketches or an artsy person, this is exactly for you to do. If not, you can even take a print out of your teacher’s picture and paint/color it for her.

Create a video for teachers’ day

A video is the best tool to express your emotions. You can record a video of yourself thanking your teacher for the support and send it to him/her. There are other ways also of making the video creative if you know some video editing or stuff like that. If not, the teacher will be more than happy to receive even a small recording clip of you thanking him/her for the guidance.

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Send a digital gift card

If you want to gift something to your teacher and not sure about what a perfect gift would be, a digital gift card is your way to go. It is available at various online platforms as well as at various restaurants and retailers. You can also opt for gift cards from online shopping websites such as amazon.

Send a printable Thank You card

A heartfelt thanks is always special. You can draw one yourself or download a template and fill it up for your teacher. The teacher can take a print out of the same after you send it to him/her via email or other mediums.

Make a poster

You can also make a poster with a teachers’ day theme and show your art skills along with your gratitude and the take a picture of it to share with your teachers. You can also add some thank you notes along with the poster to make it more special.

Classroom thank-you book

This can be one of the best gifts ever. Just like a scrap-book, create a virtual thank-you book and ask your fellow classmates to fill it up for your teacher. Words of gratitude from the students are literally the best a teacher can ever get. This will always be close to their heart. After all students are done with their notes, compile them into a single pdf or similar document format and send it to your teacher.

Sing a thank you song

Singing a song for your teacher would be a great idea if you’ve got the vocals. To add to it, you can even create your own song and include the personality traits of your teacher and how he/she has brought the change in your life.

Create a slideshow

If you’ve got any pictures with your teacher, you can create a small slideshow including various pictures and thank you notes from your side. You can present it to her on teachers’ day as a surprise. You can also include other classmates and compile a lot of pictures and make this a group activity!

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